Resources & FAQ

Is MTAP Reliable?

Yes, highly reliable (r = 0.98, p < 0.05) and highly correlated with actual physical function as assessed during objective FCE lifting tasks (r = 0.89, p < 0.05).

Has the MTAP been validated against other outcome measures?

Yes, against: Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), Roland Morris and Oswesty Disability Index. The MTAP is valid and highly sensitive to functional changes when compared to the above outcome measures. Continued research is in progress to further validate against SF12 and various other outcome tools.

Is MTAP Billable?

MTAP may be a billable service for most providers (MD, DC, PT) subject to medical necessity and documentation of specific service provided. The MTAP may be reimbursable by many payer systems subject to provider scope of practice, policy benefits / limitations, and medical necessity. Please call to learn more.

Will you help us with the billing codes?

The Vert Mooney Foundation does not provide specific coding or legal advice. Healthcare providers who seek reimbursement for use of the MTAP test should follow the direction of coding and legal experts familiar with the policies of the specific third party from whom they seek reimbursement. It is the health care practitioners responsibility to document medical necessity of services rendered. The Vert Mooney Foundation provides the medical necessity general guidance, access to MTAP software, reporting and documentation related to measured function.

Is MTAP Practical?

MTAP is practical for use in small, medium and large clinical settings alike by providing automated scoring and reporting.

Does MTAP meet the latest requirements for objective functional outcomes?

Yes, MTAP meets the new recommendations for documentation of objective functional outcomes (Medicare, ODG/Chronic Pain, ACOEM, AMA Guidelines 5th and 6th editions).

Does MTAP help define treatment protocols?

Yes, and MTAP enhances patient-centered clinical care: Helps with defining treatment protocols (identifies problematic ADLs, correlates with rehab goals and objectives). Emphasizes physical function.

Is MTAP Motivational?

Yes, MTAP helps motivate patients and enhances communication and patient-centered care by focusing on function.

Can MTAP help with Medical necessity justification?

Yes the MTAP may assist medical necessity justification by establishing baseline and a change in function.

Can MTAP be used in Med-Legal Reports?

Yes, MTAP helps with Med-Legal reports by translating impairment into functional loss as recommended by the AMA 5th and 6th editions Guidelines for Impairment Ratings. Essentially, the MTAP features and benefits are summarized in two user-friendly reports: a Patient Report Card and an Item Test Score.