Multidimensional Task Ability Profile (MTAP) - a Physical Function Objective Measure

The MTAP is an online patient reported functional outcome questionnaire developed by the Spine & Sport Foundation.

The MTAP identifies specific functional limitations and the general effect of functional limitations on a person's ability to work, provide self-care in activities of daily living, and participate in other home and community activities.

MTAP is designed to be user friendly and approachable by patients. The MTAP assesses a wide range of activities of daily living, from self care, cooking and light housekeeping, to heavy home maintenance and lawn and garden tasks. Click here for ADL Table

For the injured worker, the MTAP matches a person’s abilities to the job demands of the specific work categories defined by the US Department of Labor. These categories, referred to as the Physical Demand Characteristics (PDC) of work, are shown here

The MTAP is also designed to monitor treatment progress and outcomes. When it is administered on a serial basis as part of a treatment program, changes in functional status can be identified and measured, and the effect of treatment confirmed.